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حقيبة رفع تحميل مقدرة MWLB 1230 ذات الغطاء الخارجي للصينية

MWLB 1230
MWLB 1230 is designed to be lifted horizontally and vertically, making it possible to manoeuvre the lifting bag through narrow hatches.
HDPE external tray has been attached to both the horizontal base and vertical base to improve the bag's longevity.

  • 2 Way Lifting
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Delta Rings rated at A4-Grade
  • 2 x HDPE inserts to keep the shape of the bag
  • 2 x External trays on horizontal and vertical base
  • 6 x Secure slings (3 External & 3 Internal)
  • Lid with Velcro closure
  • Full side opening with zip

The images shown are for reference only.

If you are interested in this design but require different dimensions, please contact us via email.

As our bags are made to order, the preorder status means we will process the order once payment is received.

The lead time for small orders is 3-5 working days, anything more than that can take longer.

Company logo or labelling available at a small fee. Please get in touch with us via email to find out more.
قماشالغلاف الواحد
حماية القاعدةصينية خارجية
نوع الحقيبةمصنفة بحمولة قياسية
شكل القاعدةمربع
إغلاقغطاء فيلكرو
الطول (مم)1280
العرض (مم)380
الارتفاع (مم)750
الحمولة الآمنة في العمل(كغ)500
المزايا الإضافيةجيب واضح للمستندات بحجم A4
مقابضلا مقابض