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حقيبة رفع SSB 250 - 30 كيلوجرام

SSB 250
This model has been designed to carry scaffolding fixings with simple and straight forwards access. This model has a safe working load of 30kg, marked as 'SWL 30kg' which is ideal for use at sites that require a safe working load to be clearly shown on the bag. This model can easily accommodate a set budget, yet still, be produced from tough and secure PVC material to ensure durability and lasting. 

It can also be used to lift materials/tools/PPE/equipment etc!

  • 2 x Firm Grip Handles as Lifting Points 
  • Open Top
  • Load Rated 

The images shown are for design reference only.

Suitable Base Option for this model includes:
  • No Additional Protection - Great for when the bag needs to be more flexible. If protection is not necessary, this is the best way to keep it more cost-effective. 
  • Internal Flooring - Creates an even surface, great for stability and weight distribution
  • External Tray - Provides additional base protection. It is slightly more costly, however, the external tray ensures base durability and strength. 

All load-rated round base bags, unless otherwise stated, comes with a double fabric base. If you require additional base options, please choose your requirements in the options above. Feel free to select more than one base protection option - If we are unable to fulfil your requirement, we will let you know.

As our bags are made to order, the preorder status means that we will process the order once payment is received.

The lead time for small orders is 3-5 working days, anything more than that can take longer.

Additional extras are available, such as Company Logo or Labelling, A4/A5 Clear Document Pockets, Internal Pouches with Velcro, Reflective Tape, and so on.

Please contact our office to find out more about the additional accessories and their prices.
قماشالغلاف الواحد
نوع الحقيبةمصنفة بحمولة قياسية
شكل القاعدةمربع
الطول (مم)250
العرض (مم)180
الارتفاع (مم)400
الحمولة الآمنة في العمل(كغ)30
مقابضمع مقابض