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حقيبة ظهر قاعدة دائرية RBLB 400T

UK£ 185,00
في المخزون
  • DIA400mm x H800mm SWL 50kg
  • Roll Top Closure Lifting Bag
  • Padded Shoulders 
  • 1 x Side Handle

If you require any other extras or a different colour, please get in touch with us through our email.
RBLB 400T model has multiple lifting and handling functions and can be crane-lifted or carried using padded shoulders. 

  • Single Velcro Closure with finger grip aids for easy access, as well as Roll Top Closure, which provides weather resistance and adjustability for different height items. 
  • 2 x Polyester Webbing Lifting Slings, complying with EN 1492-1 standard, and Stainless-Steel Delta Rings, for each sling, rated at A4 Grade, which combines 1 x lifting point.
  • Middle Centre and Side Handle with a firm grip which is designed to allow the bag to be guided through and around obstacles, whether that is lifting over the guard rails or carrying through doorways. The side handles are to be used by individuals and NOT as a lifting point.
  • Padded Shoulders with adjustable-size webbing straps
  • A double Fabric Base provides additional wear. 

The images shown are for reference only.

Suitable Base Option for this model includes:
  • No Additional Protection - Great if the bag needs to be more flexible. If protection is not necessary this is the best choice to keep costs low
  • External Tray - Protects the exterior of the bag, which means the bag can be dragged. Great for durability and stability
  • Internal Tray - The internal tray helps to protect the bag from its contents (e.g. sharp corners etc)
  • 6mm Internal Flooring - Creates an even surface, great for stability and weight distribution
  • Double Fabric Base - Cheaper Alternative to HDPE trays for extra wear.

If you require additional base options, please choose your requirements in the options above. Feel free to select more than one base protection option - If we are unable to fulfil your requirement, we will let you know.

As our bags are made to order, the preorder status means that we will process the order once payment is received.

The lead time for small orders is 3-5 working days, anything more than that can take longer.

Company logo or labelling available at a small fee. Please contact our office to find out more.
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