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Load Rated Lifting Bags

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  1. Hebesack BB 300

    As low as 170,00 £
  2. Hebesack BB 420

    As low as 250,00 £
  3. Lifting Bag - BBWL 550

    As low as 490,00 £
  4. Hebesack BBWL 620

    As low as 490,00 £
  5. Hebesack BBWL 950

    As low as 215,00 £
  6. Hebesack BBWL 950T

    As low as 325,00 £
  7. Hebesack BBWSO 500

    As low as 465,00 £
  8. Hebesack BLB 220

    As low as 140,00 £
  9. Hebesack BOTB 340

    As low as 85,00 £
  10. Hebesack BP 330

    210,00 £
  11. Hebesack CHB 600

    As low as 170,00 £

Items 1-12 of 136

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What load rated lifting bags?

  • Lifting Bags are an essential tool for industrial lifting. These bags are designed to lift and transport significant items of varying weight and size with ease. They are manufactured from high quality materials such as canvas and grips and are rated for their lifting capacity and height limitations.
  • Used in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and oil and gas. They are a more versatile and cost-effective tool than traditional lifting equipment such as cranes or hoists. Unlike these tools, bags can be easily transported to the lifting site, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming site.
  • Their use on rough terrain or in areas with limited access is also an advantage. Can be used to raise loads onto trucks or other vehicles, making transportation safer and more efficient.
  • Another advantage is that they are easy to store and transport. They can be easily stored when not in use, taking up less space than traditional lifting equipment. Nominal raise bears can be quickly set up and used when needed, making them an important tool in emergency situations.
  • In addition, graduated bags can be tailored to unique requirements. They come in a variety of sizes, capacities and shapes. They can also be equipped with slings and points to ensure reliable lifting of large objects and loads.

Design and manufacture of load rated lifting bags

  • A flat bottom panel and four vertical panels are stitched together to produce a box-like shape in the basic structure. It also includes climbing straps that are firmly attached to the container to facilitate removal and transport.
  • To ensure that they can withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, certified elevator bags are made with reinforced seams and high-strength materials. They are often made of multi-layer textiles that are resistant to tears and punctures. The bottom panel of the bag is usually reinforced with additional layers of fabric or braid for added strength.
  • The hoisting straps on the bag are likewise meant to be tough and lasting. They are usually made of high-strength braid and carefully sewn to the bag to ensure that they will hold the weight.
  • Certified bags must not only be durable, but also safe to use. They often have built-in safety valves that prevent over-inflating and relieve excess pressure if the bag overflows.


  • Typically used in the construction industry for lifting and transporting heavy construction objects such as steel girders, concrete slabs and precast panels. Also for lifting generators, compressors and HVAC systems.
  • They are used in the oil and gas sector to raise and transport large wellhead equipment, such as drilling rigs and pipeline sections.And they are also used for lifting and carrying bulk materials, including sand, cement and drilling mud.
  • Can be modified to meet the specific requirements of different industries and applications. For example, applications in the construction sector may include reinforced lifting straps and heavy-duty bottom panels to withstand the harsh manipulation often encountered on construction sites. Bags used in the mining industry can be made with a special coating to resist the corrosive effects of chemicals and minerals used in the mining industry.
  • Overall, they are a versatile and customizable tool for lifting and transporting heavy loads in a variety of industries. Because of their ability to customize to specific needs, they can be an invaluable asset to businesses looking to improve their lifting and hauling operations.