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Square Lifting Bags

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  1. Hebesack BB 300

    As low as 170,00 £
  2. Hebesack BB 420

    As low as 250,00 £
  3. Lifting Bag - BBWL 550

    As low as 490,00 £
  4. Hebesack BBWL 620

    As low as 490,00 £
  5. Hebesack BBWL 950

    As low as 215,00 £
  6. Hebesack BBWL 950T

    As low as 325,00 £
  7. Hebesack BBWSO 500

    As low as 465,00 £
  8. Hebesack BLB 220

    As low as 140,00 £
  9. Hebesack BOTB 340

    As low as 85,00 £
  10. Lifting Bag - CE-MPLB 500

    As low as 315,00 £
  11. Hebesack CE - MPLB 700

    As low as 315,00 £

Items 1-12 of 141

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Square lifting bags

  • Square Lifting Bags are developed specifically for heavy hauling applications that demand flexibility as well as durability. They are made of very strong supplies such as polyester and nylon, which provide exceptional durability as well as the ability to withstand ponderous loads and pressure. These bags are available in a variety of sizes and capacities for a variety of activities.

  • These bags have a wide range of applications in various industries. In the construction industry, they are utilized for lifting heavy machinery, construction supplies and other equipment. In the marine industry, they are used for lifting loads onto ships, supporting underwater structures, and conducting rescue operations. They can also be utilized to physically carry large objects in emergency scenarios such as floods or earthquakes.

  • Their ability to fit irregularly shaped item is a key advantage, making them very versatile in working at height. They easily conform to the shape of the object being hoisted, increasing stability and lowering the risk of damage to the product or pulling equipment. They are also lightweight and portable, making them an ideal choice for mobile hoisting operations.

Safety Features, Durability and Ease of Use.

  • When it comes to choosing a product, safety features, durability, and ease of use are all important factors to consider. For example, if you're buying a heavy-duty bag to move and carry big products, you'll want it to be tough enough to endure wear and tear. You will also want to produce sure that it is easy to utilize, with a sturdy handle and side plate to help you maneuver it without causing strain or injury.
  • Additionally, safety features are crucial, especially when it comes to lifting ponderous products. A well-designed bag should have reinforced straps and extra padding inside to protect your hands and back from hard impacts. All in all, choosing a product that excels in safety features, durability, and ease of utilize can produce your life much easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Specifications of square lifting bags

Key Features:

  • Size and capacity: Bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of materials. The size of the bag lifting determines its strength, which can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds.
  • Material: heavy-duty components such as reinforced PVC are utilized for strength and longevity. The substance is intended to endure enormous weights while also resisting wear and tear over time.
  • Lifting Mechanisms are often equipped with moving straps or hinges to facilitate connection to a crane or hoist. The hoisting mechanism is designed to distribute the weight of the load evenly, which makes loading and transportation of ponderous items safer and more efficient.
  • Personalization: can be made according to specific requirements, such as non-standard sizes, for example 1800 x 900 pvc black flat-coated, branding. This makes them popular in industries such as creation, mining and logistics.
  • They can handle loads up to 4487 lbs and feature a dual Velcro closing system for added security. Available in bright orange for visibility in emergencies, these bags are ideal for lifting and transporting ponderous materials or tools safely and easily, for personal or service utilize.
  • Overall, the technological characteristics produce them a dependable and practical option for carrying big and bulky goods.